Why SmartCon

SmartCon is the synergy of SmartCon and VTS, on which, SmartCon is an ALC contractor with profound experience in ALC installation using advanced Japanese method and authorized distributor of ALC panels from credited ALC manufacturers in Vietnam.

VTS is an exclusive distributor of high performance MS sealant and innovative hybrid jointing solution from Alseal, Malaysia and Rhinoz, Thailand in Vietnam.

Our core values

Our vision

Become the leader in supply and installation of ALC panels using advanced tech and hybrid jointing compound in Vietnam.

Our mission

Contributing to creating green energy efficient buildings using ALC panels. 

Our motto

Whole-hearted – Dedicated – Total Solution

Our services

  • Consultant in design and energy saving ALC construction
  • Supply and installation of ALC panels

Our products

We offer services of internal and external ALC partition panel installation according to “Japanese style” method using high performance MS sealant and/or innovative crack resistant hybrid jointing compound from Rhinoz Thailand.

We are proud to be experts in providing ALC total solution for residential and industrial construction

If you require an ALC installation service that isn’t listed above, would like a quote or to arrange a free site visit for us to evaluate the job please contact your nearest office or e-mail us a brief specification and we’ll get back to you with a full and detailed quotation.

  • Showroom: BT7-16, KĐT Văn Khê, Hà Đông, Hà Nội
    ALC solution: 0911.29.33.38
    Jointing solution consultation: 0789.000.134
    Email: smartcon.alc@gmail.com

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